Here is a video posted by one of The Menke Group’s Clients:

WinSystems, an embedded PC designer and manufacturer, provides a high level of quality and customer service through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This leads to employees holding a direct stake in maintaining a high level of customer service.

Here is the full press-release:

WinSystems Adopts Employee Stock Ownership Plan
September 19, 2007, Embedded Systems Conference, Boston, MAWinSystems, Inc.

Jerry Winfield, President of WinSystems, today announced that the company has instituted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and now joins a growing list of successful companies whose employees are stockholders. This corporate structure offers stability and longevity for the WinSystems Corporation insuring long-term availability of products for our customers. This is very important for industrial OEMs using embedded PC technology for their ongoing and future applications.

“Acquisitions happen during a market consolidation or when an owner seeks an exit strategy which can prove to be disruptive to both the company’s customers and employees,” said Mr. Winfield. “Too often we see that when a company is acquired by another firm that within a year their products disappear as they are integrated together with other product lines. WinSystems built its solid reputation over the last 25 years by providing quality products along with a high level of customer support and service. An ESOP benefits our customers by having a very talented and motivated workforce that is responsible for developing and supporting our products. The establishment of the ESOP lets employees expand upon that by allowing them to take true ownership of their positions. When a customer calls, they will speak with an owner.”

The Menke Group ( located in San Francisco, CA was the ESOP advisor and financing was provided by Texas Capital Bank located in Dallas, Texas.