Articles for Companies Considering an ESOP

  • Ten Steps to a Successful ESOP
  • Consider an ESOP as a Better Alternative When It Comes Time to Exit Your Business
  • Why Selling To An ESOP Gives Better Financial Returns vs. Other Options
  • ESOP Pros and Cons
  • ESOPS and Employee Productivity
  • ESOPS vs. Profit Sharing Plans
  • ESOPs: Uses, Advantages, and Illustrative Case Histories
  • 22 ESOP Myths And Misconceptions
  • Exit Strategies
  • WinSystems, an Employee-Owned Corporation on Youtube
  • ESOP Marketability Discounts: Is the “Put Option” Argument Fallacious?
  • Four Ways That a Cash Flow ESOP Can Be Used To Help Your Company Survive the Credit Crunch
  • The Perfect Solution to the Perfect Storm: How an SR ESOP Can Be Used to Save Your Business from Bankruptcy
  • Seven Common ESOP Myths and Misconceptions

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ESOP Articles for Existing ESOP Companies

  • S Corporation Rules Involving Section 409(p)
  • Options for Mature ESOPs
  • Stock Distributions – An Occasional Trap for the Unwary
  • How to Structure Stock Ownership Plans for Management Employees
  • The Use of ESOPs to Finance Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 2014 Cost-of-Living Adjustments

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ESOP On-Demand Webinars


  • The ABC’s of ESOPs Webinar
  • Options and Alternatives for Structuring ESOP Transactions Webinar
  • Equity Compensation Alternatives for ESOP Companies
  • Webinar with Jack Stack
  • ESOPs for Consulting Firms
  • ESOPs for Insurance Agencies
  • ESOPs for Construction Firms, Contractors and Subcontractors
  • ESOPs for Wholesaler and Distributors
  • ESOPs for Government Contractors
  • ESOPs for Banks and Thrifts
  • ESOPs for Architectural & Engineering Firms
  • ESOPs for Automobile Dealerships

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Articles by John D. Menke

  • The Employee Stock Ownership Trust – A New Trend In Employee Benefits and Corporate Finance
  • Faltering Economy Highlights Need for a Restructuring of America
  • An Open Letter to Business Owners
  • Why Should You Consider an ESOP?
  • The Origin and History of the ESOP and Its Future Role as a Business Succession Tool
  • A Modest Proposal for a New, New Deal
  • Restoring The American Dream
  • ESOPs and PHILANTHROPY: What Non-Profit and Tax-Exempt Organizations Should Know about ESOPs
  • Why Giving To The Esop Foundation Is Now Critically Important

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Mergers & Aquisitions Articles

  • Strategies for Selling to a Third Party
  • Management Buyout Strategies

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