Free On-Demand Web Seminar: The ABCs of ESOPs

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This is a FREE, 90-minute, Live Audio/Web Seminar that covers the basics of ESOPs from A to Z.

This Audio/Web Seminar is designed for company owners and financial officers who want to determine whether an ESOP might be a good fit for their company. This program is designed to provide a broad overview of the advantages and disadvantages of ESOPs, without going into the detailed technical aspects of ESOPs.

Watch ABCs of ESOPs Seminar

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Topics Covered:

  • What is an ESOP?
  • Why ESOPs are Popular
  • ESOP Benefits to Business Owners
    • Liquidity and Diversification for Seller
    • Increase Employee Productivity
    • Increase Company Cash Flow
    • Business Succession Tool
  • Special ESOP Tax Benefits
    • Tax-free Rollover Sale
    • Tax Exemption for S Corporation ESOPs
  • Typical C Corporation ESOP Transactions
    • Prefunded ESOP
    • Gradual ESOP
    • Leveraged ESOP
    • Tax-free Rollover Sale
    • Combining Prefunding with Tax-free Rollover
    • Combining Gradual ESOP with Tax-free Rollover
    • Two-stage ESOP Buyouts
  • Typical S Corporation ESOP Transactions
    • Seller-financed
    • Bank-financed
  • ESOP Versus Other Liquidity Alternatives
    • Sale
    • Merger
    • Redemption
    • Management Buyout
  • Valuing Private Companies
    • Valuation Procedures
    • Valuation Criteria
  • How the ESOP Operates
    • Contributions
    • Eligibility
    • Allocations
    • Vesting
    • Distributions
  • ESOP Disadvantages