Brad Hamms, founder of Ownership Thinking

This seminar will introduce participants to the three components of Ownership Thinking – Key Performance Indicator Identification, Financial Acumen Training and Incentive Based Compensation Design.

  • Key Performance Indicator Identification helps organizations to identify their key operational and  Financial indicators.
  • Financial Acumen Training provides employees with the education and tools they need to become conscious contributors to their organization’s operational and Financial performance.
  • Incentive Based Compensation Design will show you how to link employee incentive plans with Key Performance Indicators to create incentive plans that really work.

Combined, these services have been proven to significantly improve financial performance and develop a culture of engagement. This seminar will also cover the complete spectrum of ownership transition and ownership exit options and the associated financing options. It will guide you through the advantages and challenges associated with each of these options and help you understand how different exit pathways affect business value and the timing and amount of net proceeds paid to the owners.

Anyone who is interested in creating a culture of high performance, employee engagement, and ownership thinking should attend this conference. Anyone who is thinking of exiting the business should also attend this conference. Attendee will include business owners, CEOs, leadership personnel (especially finance and HR), and non-management personnel involved in ownership thinking steering committees or ESOP communications Committees.


As a one-of-a-kind venue on the Peninsula, the Rollins Room auditorium at Riggs Distributing, Inc. provides state-of-the art meeting space, in addition to a Wine Grotto and an English pub. Riggs Distributing is centrally
located at 1755 Rollins Road in Burlingame, close to the S.F. International Airport.

You can register online at www.ownershipthinking.com or call Menke & Associates, Inc. at (415) 362-5200 and register live with Jeanie Kluga. Make your reservations now . . . Space is limited to 50 participants.

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